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Welcome to the International Buildings Exchange (IBEX) database. This site will help you find information on current, international projects or other activities (e.g., strategic dialogs or initiatives) related to energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings. The database includes collaborative international projects/activities funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, other U.S. federal agencies, development banks, and selected foundations and non-governmental organizations.

You can use this site to

  • Learn about specific buildings-related projects of interest and who is working on them
  • Understand the distribution of projects (e.g., geographic distribution and types of projects going forward)
  • Discover potential markets
  • Understand where there are research gaps and opportunities for collaboration

How it works

Begin your search by entering a keyword in the search field and/or using the search boxes to filter information.

You can filter information by:

Country — country-of-focus or collaborating country

Funder — agency/organization that funds all or part of the project/activity

Activity Type — work description or technology stage (e.g., research, deployment and market transformation work, general policy coordination such as strategic dialogues, or statistics and data collection)

Building Component or Technology Area(s) — use this search box to filter projects/activities which focus on a specific building component (e.g., windows) or technology area (e.g., photovoltaics).

Building Type Affected — Search for projects/activities that look at existing/new buildings, residential/public buildings, or large/small buildings under the search box.

You may also view search results as a list, on a map or on a timeline using the links above the search results.

A glossary of commonly used terms is also available.

This site was developed by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Building Technologies Program.

Last Update: 7 December 2011 | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory